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Barking, Booths and Bottlers: Sussex seashore entertainers between the two World War

Exhibition opens at Worthing Museum on Sunday 21st July ( https://worthingmuseum.co.uk/show/barking-booths-bottlers/ )


This project for 2019/20 celebrates seafront entertainment of the 1920s and 1930s and will tour to museums, schools and seafronts in Sussex this summer. This is an HLF-funded collaboration between Dr Tony Lidington & ‘The Fedora Group’ from Brighton (www.thefedoragroup.com ), led by Glyn Edwards, which specialises in seaside arts and heritage projects.


There will be a touring exhibition about al fresco seaside performance, featuring pierrot troupes, concert parties and Punch & Judy, as well as typical heritage seaside performances of Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus and Professor Edwards’ Punch & Judy.


Brighton seafront             – Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June

Brighton seafront            – Monday 29th July

Worthing seafront           – Tuesday 30th July

Brighton seafront            – Monday 12th August

Worthing seafront           – Tuesday 13th August

This project is a collaboration between Fedora


and Promenade Promotions


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